Monday is sometimes known as the most difficult day of the week due to it being the start of the work week for many people, and if you’re a youth football coach you might be familiar with the phrases “Monday morning quarterback” or “Friday night quarterback.” Both terms can be summed up as a member in the crowd, likely one of your players’ parents that suddenly become a backup coach. “You shouldn’t be running that lineup!”, they might preach.
Triple B is pretty dumbfoundedby this phenomenon, and looks to his co-hosts for an explanation. The reality of this Monday morning/Friday night quarterbacking phenomenon is that it happens almost exclusively after a loss. Sometimes this is referred to as parents wearing “daddy ball goggles” while watching their kids play.
In rare cases, when a team that has gone 10-0 for the season loses their first game, unrealistic expectations begin to come out of the woodworks—coaches will be given suggestions to change longstanding successful strategies due to a single loss. This can pressure coaches into running strategies that aren’t actually compatible with their team. A lot of the time, the bigger, stronger, and/or faster teams will just bulldoze the inferior team. Football isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, especially when people prioritize winning over learning how to lose and learn from those losses effectively.

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